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Robbinsville Town Council Celebrates New Jersey’s History and Cultural Diversity

Council President Ron Witt Condemns Hatred and Discrimination That Weakens the Unity of Communities

August 14, 2019

CONTACT: Campaign Manager Vito Galluccio, 201-739-3402

Robbinsville, NJ: Robbinsville’s Township Council unanimously passed Resolution 2019-195, recognizing National New Jersey Day as an occasion for celebrating the rich history and cultural diversity that makes New Jersey unique among the 50 states.  The Council members, led by President Ron Witt, described New Jersey’s population growth powered by immigrants from around the world as a “source of strength”.  The Council also strongly condemned any attempt to use hate or any form of discrimination or racism to weaken the unity of the people of New Jersey and the Robbinsville community.


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Robbinsville Seeks to Limit ‘My Way, not the Highway’ Travel of Truck Drivers

June 28, 2019


Robbinsville, NJ: Robbinsville officials, pending an ongoing traffic study, are seeking to cut off access to residential roads by tractor trailer truck drivers.


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Schuberth, Ciaccio, & Witt Approve Robbinsville’s 4th Straight Municipal Tax Cut

Veteran Legislators Cite Strong Business Climate, Fiscal Discipline as Key Components

May 28, 2019

CONTACT: Campaign Manager Vito Galluccio, 201-739-3402

Robbinsville, NJ: Robbinsville’s Township Council unanimously adopted the 2019 municipal budget following a public hearing, with 2019 Township Council candidates Dan Schuberth, Christine Ciaccio, and Ronald Witt all voting in support. The budget included a tax cut of .25 cents per $100 of assessed property value- the fourth tax cut passed by the trio since their most recent election to the Council in 2015.


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Robbinsville Township Council Members Schuberth, Ciaccio, and Witt Launch Reelection Campaign

Veteran Public Servants Tout 24 Collective Years of Township Council Experience with a Strong Record of Accomplishment

April 12, 2019

CONTACT: Campaign Manager Vito Galluccio, 201-739-3402

Robbinsville, NJ: Robbinsville Township Council members Dan Schuberth, Christine Ciaccio, and Ronald Witt today officially announced their campaign to seek re-election this November. The incumbents were last elected together in 2015 on a platform focused on fiscal responsibility and open space preservation within the Township.


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