Experience Matters: Schuberth, Ciaccio, & Witt Share Their Stories Through Video

Experience Matters: Schuberth, Ciaccio, & Witt Share Their Stories Through Video

Veteran Public Servants Tout 24 Collective Years of Township Council Experience and Community Volunteerism

September 16, 2019

CONTACT: Campaign Manager Vito Galluccio, 201-739-3402

Robbinsville, NJ: Robbinsville Township Council members Dan Schuberth, Christine Ciaccio, and Ronald Witt kicked off their Fall election campaign with a splash, with each candidate releasing a video describing their personal journey into public service. Produced by Robbinsville resident and key supporter Amit Chopra, each video can be viewed through the Council members’:

  • Campaign Website (https://www.deliver4rville.com/about2.html)
  • YouTube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE6KiXHSDaSWIfUxHNnumLw?view_as=subscriber)
  • Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/Deliver4Rville)

“We’ve had the privilege of serving our community as members of the Township Council for a collective 24 years,” stated Councilman Ron Witt. “During that time, we’ve gotten to know residents from every corner of the community through our work to address resident concerns and through our roles as local business owners, as supporters of youth athletics, and as community volunteers. We wanted to introduce ourselves to folks in the community whom we have not yet met through a series of videos that convey our diverse set of experiences and our collective passion for serving the Robbinsville Community,” concluded Witt.

“Experience matters a great deal in municipal government,” stated Councilwoman Chris Ciaccio. “With 24 years of collective experience serving on the Robbinsville Township Council, we understand how to direct the energy and resources of Robbinsville’s municipal government to effectively address the needs of our residents. We have the track record to prove it. We’ve lowered property taxes four years in a row while most other communities are raising them and protected hundreds of acres of open space for our residents to enjoy. Our steady hands have kept Robbinsville on the right path,” concluded Ciaccio.

“We believe that to serve your community effectively, you need to know your community intimately,” stated Councilman Dan Schuberth. “During our years of service, both as Council members and as community volu

nteers, we’ve developed meaningful and lasting relationships with residents across the community. We’ve celebrated achievements, collaborated to solve problems large and small, and provided comfort during moments of tremendous sadness and loss. We’ve been fortunate to earn the trust of our neighbors- many of whom we now call friends. Our bond with the Robbinsville community has only grown stronger over time, as has our desire to make Robbinsville an even better place to live, work, and raise a family,” concluded Schuberth.

Council Members Schuberth, Ciaccio, & Witt bring valuable collective experience as private-sector business leaders, non-profit board members and volunteers, and veteran elected officials to the Township Council. Their knowledge, skills, and perspective willhelp the Township continue meeting the needs of the Robbinsville community in the years to come. For more information about the candidates, please visit www.Deliver4Rville.com or e-mail Deliver4Rville@gmail.com.

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